My Passion For Cooking

My two favourite hobbies are archery and cooking, and having a passion for cooking helps me to spend more time with my family; the other thing which is important to me. I’m always so busy with work and my archery that I sometimes don’t spend enough time with my family which is something I really want to work on and start doing more of. Cooking also helps me to be able to spend more time with my friends as well.

Any chance I get I’m in my kitchen making something new for the people in my life to enjoy. Sometimes I cook in my own home and have my friends or family around. Sometimes even both if I have just mastered a new dish. I also do a lot of cooking in other peoples kitchens as well. If my friends and family aren’t at my house for a meal, then I head to theirs to make them something amazing.

I love experimenting with new cuisines and dishes and I’m always looking for ways to make my life easier in the kitchen. I’ve recently started cooking a lot of Asian food, as I felt like it was time for a change in my style of cooking and I’ve become quite good at it. The food I make is just as good, if not better than what you would find in any restaurant and everyone is always asking me to cook for them.

I love cooking for large groups of people, but making Asian for a lot of people is harder than making traditional dishes. Some of the meals I make are quite complicated and most of them involve rice and I’ve found it quite difficult to cook enough rice for everyone and not burn it while I’m busy doing other things.

With this in mind, and knowing that I would like to keep cooking Asian meals, I decided to find and buy a rice cooker for myself to make my life easier. One of my friends has one and it always makes cooking at her house a breeze.

It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and people noticed an improvement in my cooking the second I started using my new rice cooker. It gave me the extra time that I needed to focus on the more complex parts of my dishes without worrying about what my rice was doing. It can also cook a large amount of rice at once, perfect for when I have a lot of people to cook for. It also can keep the rice warm for a few hours so I can put the rice on first and just let it do its thing. Even if the rice is cooked before I’m ready, it doesn’t matter; it stays warm until I’m finished with the rest of the dish. Now that I have my rice cooker I feel I’m ready to take on even harder dishes. I love challenging myself and there is nothing better than the feeling you get when you’ve mastered something new.

This entry was posted on December 29, 2014.

My New Bow

I got involved with archery by accident. A couple of friends were really into it (they even helped put together a site dedicated to archery) and used to always go to the range together. One of my friends was really sick for a few weeks so the other asked me to go with him to keep him company and to try out archery for myself. I’ve always been up for trying new things so I thought it couldn’t hurt to give it a go. It was the best choice I ever made. From the minute I started I loved it and it’s now one of my favourite hobbies.

At first I found archery hard as it was something I had never done before, but as with anything, after a lot of practice I have become very good at it. While all my time at first was spent becoming good, I now spend my time honing my skills or just enjoying a day out on the range shooting targets. I love sharing the things that I love with my friends and family so I’m always trying to get them to give archery a go so they can see just how much fun it is. Some of my friends have tried it but don’t do it regularly as they aren’t very patient and don’t want to have to put in the time to get good at it. My family hasn’t come with me, but I haven’t given up on them just yet. I know that if I manage to get them out there they will love it just as much as I do.

I’d been using the same bow for a couple of years now and I decided recently that it was time for an upgrade so I started researching new models. I’d been working with a beginners bow and seeing some of the other more professional bows out there made me want to get myself a better bow.

There are so many different bows out there that choosing the right one was hard. I didn’t want to spend a fortune on my new bow but I also wanted something that was more than just your basic bow. I had started with a recurve bow as most beginners do so I was looking for the same type but better quality.

My original bow had a low draw weight as I was just starting out and didn’t have the strength for a bow with a high draw weight, but as I got better I felt I was ready for more. My archery had helped to make me stronger and shooting the bow I had had become too easy, so I chose a new bow which would give me a new challenge. The new bow that I bought is 64” and 55 pounds draw weight so I’ve definitely given myself that challenge I was after. This bow is a lot bigger than the one I had before and requires a lot more strength. I’m still getting used to manoeuvring my new bow and the strength it requires but I feel like once I’ve mastered this one I may just be ready to move on to a compound bow and try a different kind of archery.

This entry was posted on December 16, 2014.

The Importance of Sharp Knives

When it comes to cooking, the utensils that you have around you are very important. When you are trying to make complicated dishes in large numbers like I am, you need everything to be in perfect working order. If things aren’t working as they should be it can make your life a lot harder.

One of most important things in my kitchen is my knives; it’s impossible to cook without a good set of knives. I didn’t really realise this until my knives started to stop working properly. I had always just taken them for granted and never really thought about taking proper care of them. I just grabbed whichever knife I needed, started cutting and didn’t think any more of it.

When my knives went dull I realised I needed to start taking better care of them. It became hard to cut things which made cooking very hard. I would be trying to dice a tomato and it would just end up getting squished and wouldn’t turn out the way I had wanted it. And don’t get me started on trying to cut through my chicken or fish with a blunt knife. It was near impossible!

I found myself spending more and more time in the kitchen because I was constantly fighting with my knives trying to get them to cut. I even nearly cut myself a few times. I would be pressing so hard trying to get it to work that it would slip off whatever I was cutting and I could have hurt myself quite badly. I never thought about how dangerous it could be trying to cook with dull knives.

My friends and family noticed a change in my cooking as well. The food I was producing wasn’t up to the standards that they were used to and they also noticed I was spending more time in the kitchen than before to produce these inferior meals.

One day one of my friends, who is also into cooking, came into my kitchen to see what was taking me so long and see if you could give me a hand. I was way behind where I wanted to be, so I actually let her help, something I wouldn’t normally do. The second she started trying to use one of my knives she realised what my problem was and told me I needed to get a knife sharpener. I hadn’t realised it would be as simple as that.

The very next day, after some web-research,  I headed off to the store to invest in a sharpener for my knives, . I was a little scared to use it at first but it made all the difference. The first meal I made after sharpening my knives was so much easier and quicker, and back up to my usual standard of cooking.  All my family had come to my house for dinner and they were amazed with the meal I presented them with. They all started commenting that I was back to myself and wondering what had happened before. If I had known all I needed to do was buy a knife sharpener I would have done it a long time ago.

This entry was posted on December 14, 2014.

My Car Troubles

We’ve all been there. On our way somewhere important when your car suddenly breaks down. It never seems to happen when you have all the time in the world, but rather when you’re in a hurry.

And that’s exactly what happened to me. I was on my way to work when suddenly my car decided it had had enough. I had been having problems for a while but I had been too busy to get my car looked at (even though I did some online research on this site)  and it had finally caught up with me. For weeks my car had been vibrating on and off and would sometimes rev really high but not accelerate properly, and I knew I needed to have someone take a look at my car but I just kept putting it off hoping my car would hold out a little longer.

But it wasn’t to be. My car had decided it wouldn’t hold out one minute more. In the middle of the highway it just made this horrible clunking noise and stopped accelerating. Thankfully I was starting late that day and the traffic wasn’t too bad so I managed to get the car over to the emergency lane without being hit by anyone.

The first thing I did once I got the car pulled over was to call for help and boy did that help take its time to come. It must have been a popular day for car breakdowns because I had to wait over an hour for someone to come and look at my car. After a quick look at my car they decided they couldn’t fix it on the spot and that it would need to be towed to the nearest mechanic, which took another half an hour. At least the tow truck was quicker though.

Once my car reached the mechanic they looked it over and told me that my transmission would need to fixed before my car would be up and running again. They didn’t have the parts they needed and would have to order them in, so I had to leave my car with them for a few days until I would be able to pick it up again. That day I took at taxi to work, as all the time spent waiting for help and at the mechanic had made very late. That night I had a friend take me to a rental agency and rented a car to use while mine was being fixed.

After three days the mechanic called me to let me know my car was ready and that I could come and pick it up. I read some articles online about possible transmission repair costs and it did not make me happy. The online data was correct, it cost me a small fortune and the mechanic told me if I ever have the same problems again to bring it in sooner as I had caused a lot of damage by driving the car while the transmission wasn’t working properly. If I’d brought the car in sooner it wouldn’t have cost me nearly as much, so I’ve certainly learnt my lesson. Next time I won’t wait as long. I will make it a priority.

This entry was posted on December 13, 2014.

My Sister’s Baby Gift

When I first found out that my sister was pregnant I was so excited for her. From the moment I knew I began trying to think of gifts that I could give her once the baby was born. As I like to keep fit and healthy and my sister does too, I wanted a gift that would help her out with this. I knew she would be self-conscious about the baby weight and would want to lose it as quickly as possible once the baby was born.

With this in mind, once it got closer to my sister’s due date I began to do some research to find the perfect gift. I was right about the weight. As soon as she started to show she became self-conscious of it and was already thinking about how she would lose it all and get back to her pre-baby weight. When I began my research one of the first things I came across was a jogging stroller, there were a few dedicated websites that explained how great such jogging strollers are. I thought it would be perfect for her but more research was needed.

I couldn’t believe how many different things that you would need to consider when purchasing a jogging stroller. I needed to think about how much it weighed, how easy it was to manoeuvre, how bulky it would be when folded up and whether or not it was adjustable. Before looking into the jogging stroller I thought a stroller was just a stroller, but I was very wrong about that.

When choosing the stroller for my sister I wanted something that she would be able to use for everyday as well as being perfect for jogging. I had already spoken to the rest of the family and knew that I was the only one getting her a stroller so it had to be perfect for everything.

After comparing so many strollers they all began to merge into one, but finally I managed to pick the one that I though was the best fit for her as well as fitting into my budget as well. I bought it for her a few weeks before she was due to give birth and the suspense of waiting to give it to her was killing me.

Once she finally gave birth I waited until she was home from the hospital before presenting her with her gift. She almost cried when I gave it to her; she was so excited, she couldn’t wait to try out. Once she was ready I went with her on her first jog and the stroller worked perfectly for both my sister and her new baby. He loved the movement of the stroller when she was running and fell straight to sleep.

Besides using the stroller to move her baby around and to get some exercise, whenever my sisters baby has trouble sleeping she takes him out in the stroller for a quick run and it sends him to sleep every time. The jogging stroller was the best gift I ever could have given my sister.

This entry was posted on December 6, 2014.

What is important for me

I’m always looking for ways to improve my lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with my life the way it is, but there is always room for improvement.  I’m looking to make myself more grounded and spend more time with my family. Everyone these days is always so busy that they forget about the important things and I’m no different. Sometimes I forget to stop and think about the people in my life that really matter to me. Spending more time with family is important. They really do help to keep you grounded and help you to really appreciate the things you have.

Keeping healthy is also something which is important to me. Being healthy isn’t just great for your body but for your mind as well. If you feel good about how you look it helps you to be positive about things, and once you’re feeling good it’s really easy to maintain your healthy lifestyle. I always try to eat healthy food, but will let myself have a treat about once a week. I also make sure I exercise on a regular basis to keep in shape, and as well as having my body looking good it also makes me feel great about myself mentally too. Exercise really is great for the body and the mind!

Part of holding a balanced lifestyle is also making time for hobbies and things that matter to you. I like to keep up with my hobbies like cooking and archery and I’m always open to new ones. With both cooking and archery I stumbled on them buy chance. I hadn’t always been into these things, so whenever new opportunities arise I will always give them a chance. You never know when you will stumble on something that you love that can become your new hobby.

If you have a hobby that you can combine with other aspects of your life you’re really lucky. Enjoying cooking helps me to be able to spend more time with my family and getting to do something I love at the same time. Any chance I get I’m always cooking for my family at their houses, or having them around to my place. It works perfectly for me as this hobby doesn’t take any time away from me for spending with my family. I get to combine the two. I’m not so lucky when it comes to archery but I’m always trying to talk my family into trying it out with me. I went along with a friend who was going and ended up loving it and I know that if my family tried it out they would love it too. That will have to wait, but I haven’t given up on them just yet.

Even though my archery and my work takes me away from my family it’s important to have a balance, and while I would like to try and spend more time with my family I think I have a pretty good balance of everything at the moment.

This entry was posted on December 6, 2014.